Mediolanum – The City of Fashion and Elegance

Have you ever heard the name Mediolanum, the name of the second largest city of Italy. If not, don’t worry, it’s just the old Roman name for Milan, Italy.

Coming to Mediolanum for the first time? Discover this elegant city through the eyes of one who lives there explained in a perfect way for the first time visitors or for those wishing to experience again its unique culture and elegancy.

The crucial start to your Milan visit is to make sure you have all the information you need regarding getting to the city, getting around the city and the most importantly where to stay and where to eat. Be sure to check this comprehensive guide to city Airports (Malpensa and Linate), its metro system or even road and rail network.

If you decide to enjoy its attractions, don’t worry I will explain you all its attractions, from majestic Duomo to the ancient Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio to The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. If you are looking for some romantic spots in this city, than Brera don’t can be the right palace for this with its Paris atmosphere or the picturesque views of the Navigli Canals (Grande and The Naviglio Pavese) or Galleria Vittorio Emanuele called the ‘salotto della città’ (The city Lounge) or famous gardens like Gardini Pubblici (Civic Gardens) and many others.

Relax and take one of many tours of the city or to nearby Como Lake or Pavia and Vigevano. And if you would like to do some shopping than it is a heaven for shopping lovers and you will find only the best. Just wait for big sales in July and January every year. Paris and New York might think that they are the fashion capitals of the world, respectively.

But the true inspiration for fashion lovers, designers and fashion models is in the end this city. It offers shopping for those who cannot accept anything but the best. Such stores include Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti, Fendi and more. There is something for everyone in Milan streets of fashion.

Milan is a great place to go if you want to look good. The Milanesi are serious people and they are most serious about their fashion, from big Italian names like Prada, Armani to numerous new comers. Put on your best outfit and your most comfortable (and stylish) walking shoes and explore all Milan’s beauty.

Of course I can’t miss two football teams like Milan and Inter! The city’s two football (soccer) teams are presented in detail with both San Siro stadium guides and club histories.
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Wholesale Fashion Clothing

There is a saying that fashion never goes out of style, despite the fact that it changes almost week to week, sometimes drastically. For as long as women have been wearing clothing that was not animal skins and bone buttons, they have wanted to look good, and the fashion industry has followed the trending clothing directions with an eye to sell the most up to date and stylish attire to women who want it.

These fashions can be really expensive if you go to the runways of Paris or Milan to pick them up, and most of us can’t really afford to do so. We see lots of amazing fashions that we simply must have, but the price tags are so very daunting. There are some ways to get the fashions we love, without having to pay and arm and a leg for the things we really want.

With the Internet offering access to nearly every fashion icon and fashion trend out there, not only have our horizons broadened, our access to those horizons has become easier. We can search out an outfit or accessory we absolutely love, and then find the best possible price for that piece. There are so many wholesale fashion outlets that enable you to access clothing that is suited to your budget to be found on the Internet. If you find a stylish skirt in a magazine or an online advertisement, chances are it may be out of your budget. The great thing is that you can find something very similar to that piece in any number of online shops that can fit your budget through a wholesale fashion outlet.

Everyone has a different taste, and everyone has a different budget. The trend for high fashion, creative designer outfits is growing, but the trend to offer it to the average purchaser is growing right along with it. Each of us wants to look trendy and up to date, at a cost that is affordable to us. The wholesale industry for women’s fashion clothing means that we can afford to look good.

When we use wholesale fashion clothing websites and outlets to purchase high fashion clothing at prices that we can actually afford, we are making our own trends in the fashion industry. Women with an Internet connection and some good taste can revamp their wardrobe with a few simple clicks, at prices they can live with. The many choices online mean that you can comparison shop, and find the best prices for the gorgeous new outfit you want. No longer are we stuck in a rut because we can’t make it to Paris, or can’t bear the expense of that runway accessory in Milan. We have the option of online shopping, allowing far more choice and a far better price point.

Summer Fashions Have Gone – Or Have They

Well, it’s happened. Summer has left us and we now ‘look forward’ to the impending cold and wintry weather that will enshroud us for the next six months or so. Fashion stores have put away their swim wear and resort wear for the fall fashions and winter attire.

So now we plan for our warm destination cruises and vacations to break up the winter doldrums. But what can we do about getting our new cruise wear and swimwear? Remember, the stores have all put their summer fashions away.

Well, not all of the stores. The on-line fashion outlets still have all of their fabulous cruise wear, resort wear and swimwear ready for shipment. And that’s not to say that this is all last year’s stuff. They have some of the newest fashions for NEXT year available for you often before the ‘brick and mortar’ stores put them out on their racks.

In fact, many of the online stores have a larger inventory to offer than do the mall stores and boutiques. On-line stores regularly have better pricing than do the B&M stores. Lower overheads enjoyed by on-line stores equate to savings for you – the end consumer.

On-line shopping is increasing exponentially and it’s no wonder. Better selection and lower pricing is enough to make a buyer out of the best of shoppers. After all that’s what shopping is all about – finding the best product for you at the best possible price – right?

So while planning your next vacation cruise on-line, check out the cruise wear and swimwear stores. It may be miserably cold and wet outside, but you’re quite comfortable in your own home browsing through the on-line catalogs for your new ‘killer’ outfit to wear on your fantastic, warm, tropical vacation cruise!

New Year’s Resolution: Get More Fashionable

The party’s over and the New Year has finally arrived. While New Year celebrations mean dancing away the whole night to some foot tapping numbers, it also means making few New Year resolutions to start something new for the New Year. New Year resolutions are made in order to start and pursue good habits for a great lifestyle. When it comes to all the fashion enthusiasts, there can never be a better habit than living in style and getting more fashionable with each passing day.

Like every year, this year too has brought with it some fabulous color trends and fashion trends that would definitely become a major fashion rage pretty soon. Thus, the order of the day is to revamp the entire wardrobe and upgrades it to the latest styles this year. Be informed of all the latest style trends and put together a collection accordingly. Keep aside or donate all the items that are not hot this year or wouldn’t make a comeback for at least some time now and make some space for all the new items that feature in the must-have list. All fashion outlets, retail stores and online retail stores have already launched their latest New Year Collection of Designer Clothes. So checking out all these New Year Collections would give a fair idea regarding what’s destined to become hot this year. Get a few pieces that are extremely fashionable and at the same time have a classic appeal since that can be used for a long time to come. Moreover, few stores offer attractive discount offers and other bargain deals as a gesture to welcome the New Year. New Year Discount Offers on Designer Clothing, Jewellery and accessories give yet another good reason to stick to the resolution of becoming and staying more fashionable for the year ahead!

Fashion Sense – Dressing For Your Body Shape

The fact is that all women are different. There are no Cookie Cutter body shapes. The best look is one that makes sense, and that’s what women are demanding. It’s finally arrived, courtesy of the new wave of designers. There’s no more “fashionable at gunpoint” compulsory styles any more. Women’s clothing and women’s fashion have broken through the barriers and totally blown away the cobwebs about personal style.

Living with your wardrobe

Your wardrobe isn’t just something you wear. It’s a reflection of your personality. Your wardrobe is a collection of things you like, things you want, and your ideas. It’s a mobile lifestyle, and it’s also your portable comfort zone.

This is where body shape and wardrobes work best together. The comfort, style and look are all good indicators of what works. The favorite jumper, the great dress, the good jeans, the big cozy jacket, the cute shorts and the little black dress are the real indicators of what makes you feel good.

Styles, designs, and getting what you want

A good approach to style and design is to use the basic elements of design as guides. Fabrics, cuts, lines, and types are all useful guidelines, but the real choices are going to be based on things that work with your wardrobe. Every now and then a new design is added, but you’ve actually got a lot of control over how you approach styles.

For example: A good winter outfit, comprised of a skirt, top and jacket will be based on your preferred materials, cut and working with the wardrobe favourites. You may prefer a knit skirt to go with the jacket, or a colour to work with the top, or both. You naturally integrate your wardrobe. This not only good for the wallet, it’s also good fashion sense.

The right look is the one that makes you feel fabulous

The fact is that what makes a body shape look good is the comfort zone element. It’s no coincidence that the clothes that make you feel good also look good. This is your relationship with your clothes and style, and it makes all the difference. The right look is working for you all the way, both by looks and by design. Trust your instincts and taste, because it knows exactly what it wants.

Your call, your options

There are about four billion different female body shapes on Earth. Every single one of them has its own ideas about what it likes. Top modern fashion retailers try to create a good spread of styles and run so many different labels specifically because the real demand in fashion is for personal preferences.

If you’ve been watching online fashion outlets, you’ll see that the new designers are paying attention to this demand, too. Top labels like Ladakh, Cooper St, Shilla clothing, Living Doll, Sass, Anise, and Fate are good examples of the real fashion market at work. When you buy your beautiful new clothes, you’re the one making the real fashion statements.

Trashy Handbags, Fashion Is Alive and Well

Saving the earth appears to no longer be a rhetoric from the 1960’s. Trashy fashion is alive and well in many of the retro stores around the country. It is even moving itself onto the catwalks around the world. Trashy fashion entails using mostly recycled materials to make some of the more demanded fashions of the day.

Eco-conscious consumers are seeking out more green friendly trends. Fashions made of recycled materials help save resources and lessen our carbon footprint. These fashions are also quite ingenious and trendy. Imagine going to a prom and seeing gowns made of duct tape and pop cans. Other materials that are used include shredded paper, pop tops and old magazines. While the fashions save the environment, many of the prices will not save green in your pocket.

Some of the trashy fashions equal or exceed prices found in trendier shops reserved for the rich and famous. Although, if the consumer is really intent on purchasing some of these fashions, a little shopping around will prove to be rewarding. In little known shops off of the major fashion district one can find these fashions for an affordable price.

One may also be able to acquire some of these fashions at almost no cost if they live near a design or fashion school. Sometimes the artists will circulate their fashions to the general public to get free exposure to the public. They give copies of their fashion wear to individuals in order to get their name known and their designs seen. While old, reused clothing, linens, newspapers, and tin cans may not be everyone’s fashion dream, they are eye-catching. Trashy fashion has begun to be seen as a viable fashion outlet. Teens and adults alike are beginning to seek out and purchase more of the unusual fashions. For more information

Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

It is not a sin to be curvy, healthy or plus sized. A fit and healthy body is much better than a skinny one. It is wrong to repent if you are a plus sized woman and is not able to select the right dress for yourself. Hence, instead of lamenting over your body size, knowing some fashion tips can really help you to wear your dress in a comfortable and stylish manner.

Avoid wearing Tight clothes

Skin hugging clothes are an absolute disaster for plus sized women. Such clothes accentuate the body parts and make you look odd. Always keep a measuring tape handy whenever you plan to shop for clothes and know your exact measurements. Do not buy such dresses which are less in size than your actual one. Choose those clothes which are dark colored as they hide your weight to a considerable extent.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories can really spruce up your look if worn in the right way. Many fashion outlets which sell plus sized dresses for women offer accessories that complement those clothes. You can either purchase those clothes or can also try something creative. For instance: adding a scarf around your neck along with the dress will really make you look beautiful. Remember, you can replace a belt and use a scarf instead when you are wearing a jeans to create a fashionable look.

Wear the proper footwear

You can select the footwear according to your choice, but resist from wearing high heals or stilettos as it might be heavier for them to carry off your weight. Moreover, you might also face difficulty to walk comfortably by wearing them. Online shopping stores are the best place to find the right foot wears.


When it comes to hairstyle, you really have to manage way in such a manner that it looks stylish. Do you know that a right hairstyle can make you look much slimmer than your look? Yes, keeping the right mane really work wonders. Do not keep long hair, rather wear a short style instead. Do not keep it too short like a bob cut. Keep your curls around your neck so that it looks beautiful. Ponytail does not look good as they tend to highlight the chubby cheeks and the round portions of the face. Hence, do not try them. If you still have difficulty finding out the right hairstyle, seek the advice of a good hairstylist.